PORTRAIT SKIN TIGHTENINGPaula's Results after One Full Year

Portrait skin treatment involves a highly energized nitrogen-based plasma that acts to resurface the skin, immediately tighten existing dermal layers and improve new collagen growth for 8 months.

Results last for 2 years or longer and is often
used for treating fine lines around the eyes and mouth.


BEFORE & AFTERS –  1 PSR Treatment

Within Each Photo Set the left represent the BEFORE PICTURE while the right side represents the AFTER PICTURE.

This is the perfect way to treat small problem areas with minimal downtime and outstanding results.

• Soften lines
• Reduce pore size
• Clear sun-damaged skin
• Remove unwanted age spots
• Smooth your skins tone


$3000 – $5000 Full Face.
$3900 -  Neck.
$1950 – Hands.
$5000 – $8500 – Forearms

Watch the following YouTube videos for more information.

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1. Rhytec Portrait – In The News

2. Rhytec Portrait – What Doctors Say

3. Rhytec Portrait – Technology Explained



March 2014 – I am ECSTATIC about the results of my PSR skin tightenting & my Vampira Eye procedures!! Friends & family back home saw facebook pics of me here since retiring to Sun City Grand last spring, and they asked me; “What did you do? Find the Fountain of Youth!!” – Nope, just DrKelly –  Call me to arrange Sun City West Clinic days – Jene 623 666-4991


carol39. Dec. 2013 – Good Evening DrKelly, I loved loved what you did! Amazing. Is it too soon to also get the Vampira Facial part with my next Vampira Facial injections? You’re the best thank you!!!!

Now that I did more skin tightening and a NeckLift “Look….its really nice thank you. You’re even more amazing. Thank you I’m very happy. CG

3/2014 Hi Dr Kelly, Just wanted to let you know I’m starting to see the effects at 3 weeks of my Vapira Facelift and I’m loving what I see!! My eyes are not as hollow underneath & my nasolabial folds are filling in – super excited for more results! MpK

love my new skin

3/2014 – Day 5 and i’m loving my new skin!  TC





1. May 8 2013 – “Hi DrKelly, day 4 & doing great. Redness & peeling almost gone & can see results already. Very amazing! So happy with results already. Thank you. –  Lometa B

2. May 8 – I purchased another fabulous groupon for your services! Excited to try treatment!!

3. May 11, 2013 -I tried a new PSR procedure and felt absolutely confident in your skills. Highly recommended.

4. May 15 – I have to tell you that my skin is looking amazing!!  I LOVE this Portrait tx a lot!!   Thank you! – Michelle P.

5. May 15 – It’s been just over a week and I am almost done peeling.
I can see smoother skin and I’m using less concealer!  I’m kicking myself for not buying the bigger Groupon option for around smile lines where I have considered filler. Holly M. (May 7 treated). Thank you for such wonderful work!  I have booked for my next treatment now… Holly M.

6.  May 13 – I wanted you to know I couldn’t be happier with the PSR results! My skin looks fantastic (Day 5) and my eyes really opened up!
Thank you so much! –  Irene B.
- Of course you can put this on the website – I will sign it in blood if you like!

7. May 15 – Good morning Dr Kelly – you have created a narcissist! Ha ha – I find myself lingering in awe at the mirror these days. I have two friends who are amazed by my results and they would like to do full face PSR.

8. May 15 – It is exciting to think of how it will keep getting better!! My brown spots are almost all gone, and I’m not finished peeling so they may get even better! I am just loving this!! –  MP.

9. May 16 – Its a little hot on my face when I get into the car, it really doesn’t hurt, feels like a bad sunburn, my neck looks like a candy cane with some red & white stripes as the red swelling is going down LOL!! The things we do to get beautiful – Its gonna look great I’m sure of it! I’m very happy! Thank you again, was wonderful to see you and the girls!!!! – Cindy A.

10. May 21  Day 6 – I am amazed how quickly things change from day to day on my face. I think its going pretty well.-  H.D.

11. May 22 – Day3 -  Starting to see the transformation. What a difference a day makes!   Pat

12. May 2012 Dr. Kelly, you were very cordial and polite. Clearly explained the PSR procedure I was going to have and helped me understand and plan my recuperation needed. I would strongly recommend you – You are awesome!!

13. ” on my 60th birthday, my daughters pulled me aside, suggesting I stop facial plastic surgery, botox, fillers & peels…. because my neck & hands looked 60 – they worried people would laugh at me for doing so much obvious face work…
- Dr Kelly did one neck Portrait treatment and within 3 months, everything matched – not looking 60!” DW- Scottsdale

14. ” Last year, I went to one of The Valley’s best plastic surgeons for a $4000. laser treatment so I could have perfect skin… he said it costs so much because he gets results… to punch holes in the surface of my skin…  I cried in pain the whole time and suffered raw oozing flesh and severe pain for over a week and saw no difference, even 3 months after treatment, no difference.

- This year, Dr Kelly performed a simple full face Portrait after which I had only 1 day of discomfort, peeled and healed within 5 days… my husband said he saw changes at 2 weeks, statingt: ‘This is the best thing you have ever done on your face’, my neck is next”- JH- Apache Junction

15.  “After my neck Portrait I went about my weekly activities to the Dentist, the bank, the hair salon… 9 people got the same treatment the next time DrKelly came to town!” – CN – Tucson ( 14 people now and 4 more booked… everyone LOVES my neck and wants it done )

16. July 09, 2013 Dr. Kelly you were great! So comfortable to be around and very comforting before and after my appointment for the PSR 3 and I am already starting to see some results.

17. July 09, 2013, Dr. Kelly it was such a pleasure to have met you. I would recommend you to anyone any time. You were professional and personable – I am recovered from my Madonna Eye Treatment / PSR 3 and I love the outcome. Thank you.

18. July 09, 2013, I had a portrait procedure done and my face looks great.

19. August 19, 2013. I would not known about Dr Kelly without the groupon Happy with results so far.

20. Aug 30 – I did around my mouth in May, today returned to purchase my forehead and around my eyes.

21. Aug 28 – OK hands down the best thing I have ever done for my eyes!! Last months portrait skin tightening, my crowsfeet are so much better its unbelievable!! Can’t wait to do my neck!! :) D.

22. Oct. 5 – Since I am really getting a great result from my May PSR I want to do eyes and cheeks!! – booked 10/26 for more. TA

23. Oct. 2013 – I get a lot of compliments on the changes to my chin & jowls, I booked to do my eyes – see you on the 21st. JH

24. Oct. – My sister is loving her face since you did the PSR, I want to book my face & neck, can you do my declotte, and how much for both hands?? I am booking it all when my hubby is away… thank you so much! SE

25. Oct. 2013 – Since my Sept face PSR, I am returning mid Oct. for my hands. SD

26. Oct. 22 – My hairdresser asked if I had a facelift!! I had not seen her for 3 months. PSR in August. My face is wonderful, smooth and lifted, tighter… PP ( 64 yrs old ) – neck is next of course.

27. Oct. 2013 – full neck and face… narly treatment, all crusted and brown before peeling… but now my sister says my skin looks creamy!! I have NEVER had creamy skin my whole life… everyone comments on how nice my skin is, and thats a first for me. SC

28. Nov. 2013 – You told me 6 months ago when I did my face tightening that I would see more changes in 5 months, well everyday I do see it changing – everyday I look in the mirror and see it change. My eyelids tightened the most. I can really tell a difference. Now I am here to do my neck. TA

29. Nov. 2 – Thank you very very much… I’m still peeling and bright red. I didn’t take any down time so when I went out I just told people I wa a firefighter for Halloween :? . Dr Kelly you are a godsend for us single mothers!

30. Nov. 2013 – the face peeled…told everyone i was bobbing for french fries.
the skin’s really smooth, when can I come in for botox – my glabellar 11′s?

31. Nov. 2013 – “What did you do? find the Fountain of Youth in Arizona?” My friend & family from out east asked me about my Octoberfest Facebook pic. I seriously looked 25 and they haven’t seen me since I retired here in Sun City West last spring. You did the skin tightening and vampira facelift and I am loving it. Seriously, they are all comming this winter to get treatments from you. JC.

32. Well, I turned 50 last month and went to a party with all my other friends who also turned 50. They could not believe my skin, my face, my NECK!! … I definately did not look 50, they all asked what I have done. yes, I have put this story on a video for you. IB

33. Mov. 2013 – “Look at me! Look at my face!!” I am fabulous, my wedding day was perfection, I feel so good – thank you, thank you. oh yes, I know you are here to treat my neighbor but I had to come over and show you MY FACE!!!!! xoxoxo MV

34. Nov. 2013. Day 1 – Doesn’t seem that red or bad, will it darken? My eyebrows singed, had to draw them on. Day 3 Next time I would like to go further down the chest area or do the TCA peel you suggested. Day 8 Hi Beautiful Dr Kelly!!! I LOVE my face!!! Thank you thank you!!! xoxoxoxox ES

35. Nov. 2013 – I was thinking of you all weekend, hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving -It was swollen and super red, just felt sunburnt, then it darkened and tightened, at about 90 hours after the Portrait, and all the brown spots peeled off, then it was dry for the next week, but now its just fantastic, in another month I am comming in to do my eyes. I love you girl! JL

36. Nov 2013 – Its been almost a year since you burned off my lower 1/2 of my face and its still so smooth and tight. I am ready to do the upper half and this time, my neck too. KW

37. Dec. 2013 – My Canadian friends are comming Jan.2 and my 2 daughters will be here also, all 4 want the same procedure you did on me. I cannot believe it, how much different I look, for an old 60 year old broad, I am surprised. My husband wants his nec.k done too. See you soon. Sun City West MP

38. Dec. 2013 – All of the necks that we have done down here in Green Valley since last February are incredible, everyone is really happy with it. CN

DrKelly’s REAL SELF RESPONSE 4/13 –  Click here to read this response on DrKelly’s blog.


Portrait skin tightening treatments heat the skin, causing deep thermal remodeling of the collagen, fibrin  & elastin down to the papillary dermis where new cell growth is stimulated & continues over the following 8 months.

Immediate tightening and resurfacing of the skin occurs while the first “biological dressing” protects underlying cells until peeling is complete – usually by the 5th day.

Comfortable, safe reliable results, combine the best of surface smoothness and dermal thickness remodelling, in one amazing treatment. Not a laser, no cell damage or scarring. Not RF, no risk of burns. Not a chemical, works deeper than the surface cells.

DrKelly’s 7 years experience using Portrait is a single treatment of  “1-1-5-8 result”……

“1 week” for resurfacing. “1 month” for surface skin tightening. “5 months” for deeper dermal remodelling. “8 months” to look 5-10 years younger!